Brendan Rodgers, manager of Leicester City, previously told TalkSport that James Maddison is on par with Chelsea’s Mason Mount.

The Blues have been linked with a £60 million bid for the playmaker.

Maddison is currently competing for England in Qatar alongside the Chelsea player.

The Leicester City midfielder has yet to play for the Three Lions, while Mount has faced criticism following Friday’s draw with the United States.

Rodgers previously weighed in on the debate, claiming that his player is on par with Mount and Phil Foden.

Rodgers compares Madison to Mount.
He stated:

This evening, Chelsea announced plans to sign a world-class player in January

“Yeah,” he replied. With so many talented players, I can only imagine how difficult Gareth’s job must be.

“James has demonstrated and proven that he is on par with the best talents.” It’s nice to have someone like that on the bench, even if he doesn’t play.

“He’d be the same if he were playing in front of 150,000 people.” If you’ve ever been stuck in the game, he can come on and change the game.

“It’s difficult because there are so many good players.” I have a lot of respect for young players like Mason Mount, who is a top player, and Phil Foden, who is incredible. He’s at that level; there’s no doubt about it.

It’s difficult because there are so many talented players. I have a lot of respect for young players like Mason Mount, who is a fantastic player, and Phil Foden. He is at that level, there is no doubt about it.”

It appears only a matter of time before Maddison joins a club bigger than the Foxes, with Chelsea being that club.

However, it’s difficult to imagine Maddison and Mount playing on the same team, given how similar their roles are and how similar their assets are.

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