Eden Hazard, a former Chelsea star, recently confirmed that the West London club has never contacted him about a possible return to Stamford Bridge since Real Madrid signed him in 2019.

Eden Hazard and Chelsea have become somewhat synonymous in recent transfer windows. This is due to the fact that there is always talk or speculation that the Blues might sign Eden Hazard from Real Madrid.

It all makes sense because Chelsea and the Belgium International have struggled since their split in 2019. According to Metro UK, the possible return of Eden Hazard to Stamford Bridge appears to be just paper talks because Chelsea has never reached out to him to discuss a possible reunion.

Chelsea reportedly interested in acquiring Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard

Of course, this would be heartbreaking for many Chelsea fans who believed the club was interested in signing him. However, if you ask me, I believe Chelsea made the correct decision in not considering the deal and that they should continue to do so.

It’s difficult to deny that Chelsea haven’t had a player as good as Eden Hazard since he left in 2019, but he’s now a part of the club’s history.

Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo’s current saga with Manchester United has demonstrated that returning to one’s old club is not always a good thing.

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