Chelsea co-owner Behdad Eghbali believes a multi-club strategy would benefit the club.

Todd Boehly and his fellow co-owners have already begun their efforts to build a multi-club system around Chelsea, inspired by Red Bull’s successes with RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg.

New management personnel from Brighton and Red Bull have arrived at the club to lay the groundwork for the new management plans.

Eghbali listed three advantages of the multi-club model during SporticoLive’s Invest in Sports summit.

“I believe there are three different reasons for it,” Eghbali explained. “One, if done correctly, each specific enterprise can make money.

Two, if done correctly, if data is used, if you are thoughtful about the global market for talent and access to talent that is not effectively done through a draft or an extensive college or baseball farm system, which I would attribute to a multi-club model. Talent can be captured, acquired, retained, signed, and monetised. There is an opportunity for talent arbitrage.

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Three, it’s the perfect pathway of developing talent whereby you don’t have to spend crazy money on payroll. There are Premier League teams that spend 10% of what the top five or six spend on payroll.

We hired a coach from Brighton, which we believe is one of the best-run clubs in the Premier League. The owner comes from a data and sports gaming background. Spends 10% of payroll, wins nearly as much, and is a very stable, mid-table, profitable club.”

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