Chelsea’s World Cup stars have impressed many Blues fans, but they also serve as a stark reminder of past blunders in transfer plans.

This was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate Chelsea’s poor transfer strategy in just two weeks. It is not uncommon for players to progress from club outcast to international superstar, but the Blues have seen more players than most relish the stage for their country rather than the lion logo on their chest.

Timo Werner, for example, scoring goals for Germany when he couldn’t at Stamford Bridge – though not so much these days – or even Kai Havertz. Ethan Ampadu is looking solid for Wales but has never been truly trusted by Chelsea, and Christian Pulisic is the star of the United States but has struggled to find love in London.

It’s become clear that players have struggled to fit into the mold that Chelsea has set for them. There hasn’t been a single player at the World Cup who hasn’t performed to or above their current level from the contingent that left Graham Potter’s squad.

When compared to Chelsea’s poor form prior to the domestic break, it’s a clear indication of where things have gone wrong. It’s not that Potter should emulate the tactics of international teams, but there hasn’t been a plan in place for players to fit at SW6.

Hakim Ziyech, perhaps more than any other, fits this description. The winger has a goal and an assist for Morocco, which advanced from a group with Belgium. He appears to be his country’s lightning rod, but he hasn’t shown any consistency since joining Chelsea in 2020.

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Martin Keown used the ultimate comparison to praise him, saying,

“Ziyech maybe just needed an arm around the shoulder, they’re a completely different team with him in the side.” “I believe he is their Neymar.”

The 29-year-old had left international football after a falling out with the previous head coach, Vahid Halihodzic, but Walid Regragui has brought him back. For Potter, it may be too late to get the best out of Ziyech, but his World Cup performance has already demonstrated that Chelsea did not purchase a bad player, but rather the wrong player.

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