England Star Believe He Can Reach Messi And Ronaldo’s Level One Day

The player has already had a tremendous career despite only being 22 years old, and he will be important for both Man City and England in the future.

Because he does not believe that he is currently at the level required to be considered a world-class player, the England international believes that taking part in the most important games will give him the opportunity to achieve that status.

There is no one who can accurately predict how far Foden will travel during the game, but it will undoubtedly be a sizeable amount.

The star player for England outlines the qualifications necessary to join the elite group.

Foden stated not too long ago on talkSPORT that Messi, Mbappe, and Ronaldo are currently in a much better position than he is.

On the other hand, it’s fun to fantasize about going there someday. If I want to play at a world-class level, I have to score goals in important matches and championship contests.

However, because I am confident in my ability to pull it off, I have established a goal for it and fully intend to accomplish it.

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Since Foden has already demonstrated that he is capable of doing so, it is virtually certain that he will continue to score goals in significant matches and championships. At the 2018 World Cup, he will have a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate his dominance not only in England but also across the globe.

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