The struggle to get Manchester United striker, Cristiano Ronaldo signed to Chelsea seems to be unsuccessful due to some reasons behind the transfer.

Although, the striker has been paid-off, and he is ready to joined any club of his choice as his agent is currently negotiating with Ronaldo s former Club Sporting FC.

It could have been a good advantage for Chelsea Cristiano Ronaldo was signed on a transfer deal at Stamford Bridge, but failed to meet this demand as it was stated.

According to former Chelsea star, Pat Nevin has said Cristiano Ronaldo would be a bigger flop at the club than Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku recently returned to Inter Milan on loan after his club-record £97.5m move to Stamford Bridge last year.
The Belgian netted just eight times in the Premier League.

Chelsea has been linked with a move for Ronaldo, who is desperate to leave Manchester United this summer to play Champions League football.

Nevin has, however, advised his former club to stay away from Ronaldo.

Report: Ronaldo accepts 30% pay cut, plan to leave Man United to new club

I think Ronaldo would be even more of a poor fit than Lukaku was for Chelsea,” said Nevin.

“When Lukaku signed last season, people thought he would be the missing link but I thought by signing him, Thomas Tuchel was throwing his style of play out the window if indeed it was Thomas who signed him! It didn’t make sense to me.

“While Ronaldo scores a lot of goals, of the ball you are almost playing with ten men which you cannot do in the Premier League and be competitive.

“Some Chelsea fans may love it, but there have been some cases over the years around Chelsea which have made them look like a circus.”

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