Graham Potter agrees to let Chelsea winger join PSG

Hakim Ziyech, a Chelsea World Cup player, has stated that he will not profit from Morocco’s World Cup run to the final four.

Ziyech has not kept any of his Morocco salary.

The Chelsea midfielder donates it all to charities and team employees.

According to journalist Khaled Beydoun, Ziyech, 29, was first capped for Morocco in 2015 and hasn’t kept a single penny since.

Chelsea confident of signing highly rated England’s attacker, vows to strengthen Ziyech’s attacking side

He also claims that the former Ajax player will earn £262,000 from Morocco’s run to the World Cup semi-finals, with all of the proceeds going to poor people in his home country.

According to the Arabic Post, every time Ziyech is called up, he hires a private plane.According to the Arabic Post, whenever Ziyech is called up to his country’s squad, he hires a private plane and picks up some of his team-mates on his way from London to Africa.

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