After defeating Udinese 3-1 in yesterday’s match by Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel has announced to play with the Italian league again Udinese in a close door match twice.

Chelsea manager, Tuchel in an interview, after defeating Udinese 3-1 in a club friendly match, he said,

“I have two days close door matches to play with Udinese twice, before the starting of the premier league matches beginning.”

Although, Chelsea played their last third pre-season match with Udinese in yesterday’s match with 3-1.

Chelsea first match in the pre-season friendly with Club America 2-1, while
with the Premier League rivals Arsenal, Arsenal beat Chelsea 4-0. The Blues may need to play another game to get everyone into match fitness, Thomas Tuchel has revealed.

Blues boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed in a clip filmed by Chelsea TV that his team will be playing against Udinese twice. One of the games will likely be behind closed doors, with the other to be broadcasted live on Friday.

The Friday game will have more of a “first team” look, while players who come on as subs in the first game, may then start the second, and vice versa.

Chelsea’s last pre-season game was against Arsenal, and Tuchel’s side were beaten 4-0. The German was very unhappy after that game.

Udinese 1 vs Chelsea 3 highlights (Club friendly match on Friday)

According to Tuchel, he said;

We were simply not good enough. We were simply not competitive.

“The worrying part is that the level of commitment physically and mentally for this match was far higher for Arsenal than for us.”

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