Despite Chelsea rumours typing that Thomas Tuchel to the top post in Germany, the club’s CEO, Oliver Kahn, has officially endorsed Nagelsmann.

“We are not dealing with any other coaches right now,” Kahn told Sky Germany. Julian has really won us over.

“Of course, we’re all unsatisfied and cranky. We need to get to the bottom of this. And presume that when it resumes against Leverkusen, we will and must attack wholeheartedly.

“Perhaps one or both of you had the notion that you could do the Bundesliga on the side.” That, however, is not the case.”

Tuchel led Chelsea to their second Champions League title in 2021, but a change in ownership and the club’s sluggish start to the new season saw him become one of the Premier League’s first managerial casualties.

Following his team’s defeat against Augsburg, Nagelsmann chastised his players of being “laissez-faire” in their aggressive strategy.

“Based on the numbers, we should have won… We might have attempted simple things to play into the gap behind (Augsburg’s defence), but we were too loose in the final third,” Nagelsmann explained.

“The trend isn’t promising.” “I’m thinking about myself, the circumstance, everything.

“I’ve nothing to say now”- Thomas Tuchel break silence over his sack

But, it is clear that Thomas Tuchel has a new job which he will resumed October, to joined premier league rivals next month.


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