Lionel Messi was made to wear a robe during the award ceremony. This was after winning 3:1 on penalties to see Argentina win the world cup. Being the captain of the team he was made to come last as he would be given the trophy to take to the teammates.

He was however made to wear a black robe that is unusual in most sport’s event’s. However this had a connection with the Arab culture as explained. The cloak is called a Bisht and is a traditional men’s cloak dating back to many year’s. It is worn on special occasion’s such as weddings or religious holidays celebrated by the Muslim’s.

This as reported is worn by dignitaries on special occasions and for this particular one, the organizer’s seem to have catapulted him to the status of a dignitary.

Messi in tears as he cries together with his mother while celebrating the World Cup win

This was obviously a ploy by Qatar to have their culture feature at the world cup and they found a perfect opportunity that will last for ages.

By michel

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