Barely 48 hours when Thomas Tuchel was sacked from Chelsea as a coach, Graham Potter was appointed as a new coach, to head the club. Potter yet to be tested since he took over the coaching job at Stamford Bridge.

Huge task now managing Chelsea, get your first win tomorrow- Pat Nevin tells Graham Potter

Although, his first premier league match with Fulham at Craven Cottage stadium were postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. But, the UEFA Champions League matches is still on as Graham Potter will test his training skills at Cobham yesterday against Red Bull Salzburg on Wednesday, September 14.

A huge task now on Graham Potter managing Chelsea, getting a win in tomorrow’s game in the ongoing UEFA Champions League, UCL, will boost the faith of the Blues fans on him.

According to Pat Nevin,

Make no mistake, he has taken on a huge task now managing Chelsea, but he will also have a real belief and self-confidence that he can not only do this job but do this job well. He is a very smart man, and you have faith that he took the job on believing that he can do it justice. He certainly isn’t just some amateur manager; he has proven pedigree.

Huge task now managing Chelsea, get your first win tomorrow- Pat Nevin tells Graham Potter

Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin has been speaking on Potter in his latest column on the Chelsea website today, and Nevin admits he is excited ahead of the new era at the club under Potter and had some encouraging words to say.

Chelsea star who can become the main player for Graham Potter this season

Nevin said:

“Graham Potter has come in and we all wish him the very best in his endeavours to build that holistic vision he shares with the new ownership. I can’t wait to see how he implements his ideas, as those methods have been liked, respected and fairly successful everywhere he has been. Now he will have to get rid of that little word, ‘fairly’, as the expectations at Chelsea are very high indeed.

“What would be good, is if he and his staff are treated fairly themselves. It takes some time to build a football team, it takes a bit longer to build a new ethos at a club. The club has had an obvious philosophy for the past two decades, and that has been win, win and win again. That will still be there, but I look forward to seeing what Graham brings on top of that.”

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