According to the Portuguese tactician who led Chelsea twice, the club should have tried to find a solution with its current players rather than just making a new acquisition.

Jose Mourinho proposes long-term solutions to Chelsea's problems

Why is the Chelsea Board of Directors so focused on Jose Mourinho?

Jose Mourinho proposes long-term solutions to Chelsea's problems

Jose Mourinho: Kumbulla is likely the finest defender at passing the ball out of defense, but Jose Mourinho added,

We need Ibanez because of his pace and determination. We must find a solution; we cannot afford to spend £90 million on Mudryk!

“I don’t think anyone is going to show up. The director, Tiago Pinto, was honest and forthright, saying things that coaches usually don’t like to hear.

“We have a lot of money, we can buy any star players, and we can build an incredible team, is what coaches love to hear.’

“He is more skillful than Kante, Give him more time to play”- Jose Mourinho advice Chelsea new manager

He also claimed that I worked in clubs with virtually unlimited resources. There are more and more clubs that fit that description these days, but that is not our definition. We worked very hard with.

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