Following the breach of the Football Association, FA,  rules of  E2 broken by both  Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte, the FA board have officially charged both coaches for ranting on each other which lead to their red card by Anthony Taylor ( officiate referee).

Although, there are lot of controversies in both club fans over the action took by Christian Romero spotted pulling Cucurrella’s hair during a corner kick by spurs which lead to their equalizer of 2-2 draws.

Meanwhile, Thomas’s reply, when told he might not be coach against Leeds United next weekend after red card issues to him.

Tuchel replied,  saying;

“I can’t coach but the referee can whistle the next game.’

According to Tuchel, he said;

Both goals should not stand, only one team deserved to win that was us. Since, when can we pull hair in a football match.”

Tuchel further add; on the issue with the Referee, Anthony Taylor.

He said;

Not only the fans, they players knows what is going on. They know it.”

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But the question is, Do you agreed with Tuchel reply?

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