Chelsea new manager, Graham Potter has started receiving advice from top fans and the Blue’s legends, the best way to get quality playing formation and Mason Mount should be position in his squad form.

According to Gus Poyet, he has advice the club’s new manager, Graham Potter, to play Mason Mount in the Blues’ squad close to the strikers or the box form to get positive results.

Poyet described Mason Mount as one of the Chelsea players that needed to step up his performances and help Graham Potter to turn Chelsea’s form around and get back to the first-fourth position in the EPL table.

He further added that,

“Mason, in my opinion, and respect to the coaches, Mount should have a certain position in the team and should play 90% of the time in that position.

“When you have a player like that who plays in different positions, it’s hard for him to play at his best. When Mount plays close to the strikers, close to the box, Chelsea creates an enormous number of chances to score goals, when you play him too wide or deep, he’s a different player. That’s my humble opinion.”

Poyet said,

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“No doubt, Mason Mount was one of the top scorer last season but has so far failed to score a goal as matchday seven fixtures in all competitions this season.

A lot is expected from the England international player because of his talented experience and Chelsea fans, especially, Gue Poyet, want Mason Mount to maintain such spirit and get back to his feet to improve the club in all competitions.

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