Opinion: Boehly might consider convincing Nkunku to officially sign for Chelsea in January

Rumors and speculations from various sports media sources have disclosed that French and Leipzig striker, Christopher Nkunku, who had a secret pre-contract agreement with Chelsea football club will miss the world cup tournament after sustaining an injury during the training session of France’s national team.

This might not augur well for Leipzig but might be a good atmosphere for Chelsea football club, as this could propagate their (Chelsea’s) chances of having a good time to convince him to officially sign for Chelsea during the winter transfer window which reopens in January 2023.

Hence, Chelsea football club’s new owner, Todd Boehly might sign Nkunku during the upcoming winter transfer window and leave him on loan at Leipzig until the summer.


Chelsea does not need to lose a player of his differentia to other elite clubs: As it stands now, Christopher Nkunku is wanted by many elite clubs, which should be a warning to Todd Boehly, not to hesitate to grab his (Nkunku’s) signature once the winter transfer window reopens. This is because Chelsea’s squad lacks an attacker and playmaker who can be able to pressurize the defenders of Chelsea’s opponents. Nkunku has depicted how deadly and disturbing, he could be whenever he is in the attacking position because of the following qualities:

He has tremendous ball control and dribbling skill as well: As a striker, Nkunku possesses astounding ball control which allows him to run freely with the ball without misplacing ii. Also, the French striker possesses a dribbling momentum of a winger, which allows him (Nkunku) to easily bypass defenders just like Ronaldo Delima of Brazil in his own time.

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Nkunku has well-to-do shot precision: The French striker has great footwork which allows him to freely shoot with both legs. He hardly misfires nor wastes his goal-scoring chances just like the likes of Kai Havertz, Raheem Sterling, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who waste Chelsea’s goal-scoring opportunities.

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