During a pre-Crystal Palace conference, Pep Guardiola has waxed lyrical about his opponent that shows fear ahead of his fourth outing.

The English Premier League defending champions Manchester City are expected to return to winning ways as they welcome Crystal Palace on their own soil on Saturday afternoon.

This comes just days after the Sky Blues were forced to secure a point against Wolverhampton Wonders in a 3-3 thriller thanks to Bernardo Silva’s equalizer in the final minutes of the game.

Manchester City were held to another 3-3 draw on Wednesday night when they played against Barcelona in a charity football game that was held under the Nou Camp arch.

And Pep Guardiola is coming to this match with revenge plans on his agenda following the kind of results he recorded against Patrick Vieira last season. Vieira collected four points against Pep Guardiola last season after swatting him 2-0 at Etihad in the first leg before holding him to a barren draw at Selhurts Park in the second leg of that season.

Interestingly, of City’s 58 matches that they have played at 5pm, they have lost two of them of which are said to be against Crystal Palace. When asked about this record during a press match conference, Pep had no option but to hail the Eagles.

It was during this time that Pep Guardiola, revealed qualities in their defense line, set piece takers, and very experienced players in the midfield who he referred to as weapons.

It’s a good record, to lose two out of 54 games.

“That shows how good they are. With Hodgson and now Patrick Vieira. They have resilience and incredible amount of quality. They defend the 18-yard box really well, good set pieces, good transitions. They have weapons, experienced players in the middle.”

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From this kind of description, is safe to say that Pep Guardiola could be afraid of the quality of players in the Palace team ahead of tomorrow’s shutdown.

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