This season, big clubs have seen alot of big players depart from their club and sign for other clubs across the globe.Chelsea fc has spent around €250m this summer to bring in Star players to help the club compete at the highest level but they have all failed to impress at the club so far.

Chelsea sacked their manager 3 days ago after a disappointing defeat by Dinamo Zagreb in the champions league.Chelsea have been suffering to get a goalscorer in their team so far.Chelsea have just netted 10 times this season after playing 7 Matches.

Chelsea Fc released Eden Hazard and Antonio Rudiger to join Real Madrid.Hazard joins two seasons ago while Antonio Rudiger joined after his 4 year contract with the club was over.Chelsea has been suffering to defend and score goals this season.

Chelsea Fans have gone to the social media to praise their former star Player Eden Hazard who has been doing some good work at Real Madrid lately.

Hazard scored the match winner last week against Celtic and his tipped to start for Madrid today for the injured Karim Benzema.

Chelsea taking surprisingly bold risks to get back former superstar

Chelsea fans have urged the board to bring back the star Player to the team as he would be very infuential if he could return back to his former club.

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