Chelsea owner Todd Boehly may use Tuchel's strategy before making a decision on Graham Potter's dismissal

Chelsea’s form has deteriorated significantly since Thomas Tuchel’s departure, with Graham Potter, a former Brighton manager, taking over as manager.

Despite a promising start, Potter appears to have things out of his hands at Chelsea, as he is currently in the worst form of any Chelsea manager.

Even without being told, looking at the Chelsea team, one can tell that the squad has lost its fighting spirit, as well as its winning mentality.

Injury struck at the wrong time, adding to their flaws, but it is questioned whether the tables will be turned if Chelsea has every player back in action while maintaining this same mentality and spirit.

Potter reacts to Chelsea fans singing Tuchel’s name after Man City’s 4-0 defeat in the FA Cup

According to Thomas Tuchel, who is currently on tour in Kenya, the situation at Chelsea has gradually deteriorated and only a strong action can reverse the situation.

I’m not working right now because I decided to take time off,” Tuchel explained. “I can’t say much about Chelsea and how things are going because I’m not working right now,” Tuchel added.

“They need to change the mentality they have now, they need to be hungry for a win and if they don’t change it anytime soon, I fear that it could even get worse because the League is only getting tougher and tougher.

Perhaps the manager should make the players understand that they are all in this together, and if necessary, make changes to the lineup. He should also try to use the younger players because they are eager to play now and will fight harder.

“I am still enjoying my vacation,” Tuchel said when asked when he will return to management and for which club.

Chelsea were knocked out of the FA Cup by Manchester City 4-0, and with them currently in 10th place, things aren’t looking good anytime soon.

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