Manchester United could officially terminate Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract, so the player makes a shock move to Chelsea.

This claim was made by Sky Sports News reporter, Dharmesh Sheth, on Wednesday.

According to Sheth,

United wouldn’t like to make it look as if they are selling Cristiano Ronaldo to their Premier League rivals and would rather make the 37-year-old a free agent.

Good news this evening, as Chelsea offered Cristiano Ronaldo one year contract

Man United wouldn’t want to be seen to let him go to Chelsea, but if they mutually terminate the contract, then he becomes a free agent, and he can do whatever he wants.

“How would Man United fans react if it was the club that made the decision to let him go to a Premier League rival? As opposed to cutting their losses and leaving the onus up to Ronaldo, then it’s his decision to join Chelsea as a free agent,” Sheth said.

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