Two things Graham Potter has brought to the Chelsea’s team

Graham Potter has continued to perform greatly for Chelsea this season. The tactician joined Chelsea after Thomas Tuchel was shown the exit door following his slow start to the ongoing season. It is a great thing that he has started to impress as Chelsea’s manager.

A couple of Chelsea’s fans did not believe that he would be a good replacement for Thomas Tuchel, but after his first five matches as Chelsea’s manager, one can now see that he is more than a perfect replacement for Thomas Tuchel. In this article, we shall be taking a look at the two things Graham Potter has brought to the Chelsea’s team.

1. He has brought flexibility to the Chelsea’s team; Chelsea’s players no longer leave out their attackers from the game. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang plays the ball well on the pitch because the midfielders are now more flexible than they were under Thomas Tuchel.

When Thomas Tuchel was in charge of Chelsea, the midfielders were sluggish to pass the ball to the attackers because that flexibility was not there. Romelu Lukaku failed at Chelsea because of Thomas Tuchel’s ideology. His players didn’t play with him as an attacker, the same reason Timo Werner also failed.

2. He has made Chelsea to set their target on scoring the goals rather than on defending; Under Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s players were too conscious of defending and that affected Chelsea’s performance in the attack.

Thomas Tuchel’s football was all about defending, but Graham Potter believes that the best form of defense is to attack, and it is walking for him. He does not allow his players to sit back and defend, and that has helped his team in his first five matches in charge of Chelsea.

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Chelsea, now, play to score and not to defend, like Thomas Tuchel had always done at Chelsea.

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