As Chelsea prepared ahead of the UEFA Champions League, UCL, tomorrow, against Dinamo Zagreb, they are speculation that Armando Broja might take the chance to get a first start for Chelsea, as a reward for the youngster to be re-signed a new contract and as a sign that he will play an important role in the season to come, but we’re already starting to doubt that.

Chelsea’s Twitter page today showed pictures of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on the flight with his teammates, looking pretty ready to get stuck into the action.

He’s had his mask fitted to protect a broken jaw, and given he completed a full preseason with Barcelona there’s no reason he shouldn’t be fit to play against Dinamo Zagreb tomorrow night.

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Either way, he and Broja look likely to play part of the game each.

The question then is who Thomas Tuchel trusts from the start at the weekend against Fulham. Both will know that an impressive performance tomorrow can give their chances a huge boost.

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