UCL: How Graham Potter has changed Chelsea’s playing style as compared to Tuchel after yesterday’s match

Chelsea’s head coach Graham Potter has managed to change a lot of things in the squad ever since his arrival. The formation he uses is quite similar to Thomas Tuchel’s, but then it is all about what happens on the pitch.

He(Potter) lined up Arrizabalaga, Reece James, Fofana, Silva, Koulibaly, Chilwell at the defense. Kepa is more better at ball distribution as compared to Edouard Mendy even though Edouard is better with the saves.

Potter opted for Kovacic who is attack minded and Cheek as Mount and Sterling operated from creative midfield with Aubameyang in the middle.

The major difference between the two manager’s playing style is the quick manner of transition in Potter’s style. The player’s operate faster when they get to the opponents box and are quick to release the ball. Just like he used to do at Brighton.

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Potter’s substitution’s are also on point. Bringing the right players at the right time and not having to wait until it is too late.

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