Udinese vs Chelsea: Latest news on Chelsea strongest lineup that will put the Blues in a greenlight of success in all leagues coming next season.

Meanwhile, Chelsea will face Udinese in the ongoing club friendly match as both teams will slug it out, after 4-0 defeats by Arsenal last week Sunday night.

During the transfer window this year, every Premier League team is working to improve their teams for the coming season. Chelsea is not left out because they have signed the players they wanted and are still looking at others.

Raheem Sterling came to Chelsea from Manchester City, and Kalidou Koulibaly came from Napoli. Both deals were made with the help of Thomas Tuchel. The deals are done, and the players will stay in the deals they made.

With the new players, Tuchel plans to play in an attacking 3:4:3 formation. Here is how Chelsea will play in the summer of 2019:


Chelsea are ready to play the kind of attacking football that will make their opponents nervous. Harvertz could be the main striker for the Blues next season, while Raheem Sterling and Mason Mount play on the wings. English defenders will have a hard time stopping Chelsea’s attacks.


Jorginho will be the defensive midfielder, and Kante and Kovacic will be the central midfielders. Reece James, a wingback, will be the fourth player in the midfield. He will help the offense and defense when the ball is in play and when it is not.


Tuchel will play with three defenders. Thiago Silva, Kounde, and Koulbaly will all play in the middle with Thiago Silva.

Udinese vs Chelsea: Match Details, Kick-off Time and Venue

This will be the strongest line of defense, making it hard for attackers to get through.


Eduardo Mendy He will get the job because he has done great work since he came to Chelsea, making several saves.

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