Everton was defeated by Chelsea in yesterday’s encounter in the Premier League, with the final score being 1-0 in favor of Chelsea. The goal that Jorginho scored from the penalty spot was a piece of beauty, and it proved to be the deciding factor in a contest that was not an easy one for Thomas Tuchel’s team.

After the game was over, Thiago Silva was presented with the accolade for “man of the match.” As if being a rock in the defensive unit wasn’t enough, he came up with over four important interceptions.

Despite this, there were some concerns raised about Thiago’s performance once the game was over. Because he was required to undergo a so-called “doping test,” he was unable to travel with the other Chelsea players. This prevented him from participating in the match.

The player was given the test in order to identify whether or not they had used any performance-enhancing drugs before to taking part in the game. This was done in order to establish whether or not they were eligible to participate in the game.

I believe that a lot of people had their doubts about whether or not a player who was 37 years old could still play in the EPL, much alone have such a magnificent performance in only one game. However, I believe that this guy overcame those doubts and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Opinion: How Tuchel Thomas “May lineup against Everton” in his first PL fixture this weekend

After the club made the purchase of Cucurella, Thomas Tuchel is demanding that the organization make more purchases of defenders. He is looking for a central defender who can relieve some of the strain that Thiago Silva and Kalidou Koulibaly are feeling to perform well and he wants to bring that player in.

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