World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo with tear eyes as Ghana still playing Portugal 1-1

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo looked teary as they sang the Portuguese national anthem ahead of their clash against Ghana tonight. The Portuguese star has had a lot of issues in the recent past with the latest being the termination of his contract by Manchester United.

Manchester United terminated the Portuguese captain’s contract on what was reported as mutual contract. This was as a result of Ronaldo’s utterances on his club. He revealed in an interview on his discontent with a number of things that were not going on right at United. He talked of him not having respect for manager Erik Ten Haag while adding that Haag didn’t respect him as well. Ronaldo also spoke about former teammate Rooney and the United hierarchy as well. They could not take it anymore and he had to go.

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We can therefore attributed this sort of sadness to all this and the fact that this might be his last world cup. Age has already caught up with him of course.

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